I am a domestic goddess (seriously)

It has been proven. I  can actually manage to cook something (not burn it) in the kitchen!! WOOO!! After spending what felt like hours on end studying at home for uni in my pjs, my computer screen started going blurry, I was seeing double,  and i realised that it had taken me a good half an hour to read approximately one (small) paragraph of an article I was meant to be taking notes from. Fabulous.

I decided it was time for action. I shut down my computer, poured myself a cup of tea and realised I was seriously craving some warm food. I have to admit I may have also indulged in a chocolate chip biscuit with my tea (as reward for my very productive study of course :P)

I settled making some oat bran galettes. Here’s how my first attempt went:

Oh jeez..

Yeah. Looking at that, I honestly nearly gave up there and then.  I decided to persevere however (if only to avoid study), so I added some chia seeds and water, more oat bran so it would stay together and then stuck the rest of the mixture in the fridge for a bit.

And waited. I was practically drooling into the frying pan as I made my second attempt.

1.5 Tbs natural yoghurt, 1.5 Tbs oat bran, 1 egg, 1 Tbs chia seeds and some water. Also I added cinnamon, honey and yoghurt on top 🙂
The second batch turned out much better, especially because i cooked it on a lower heat. YAY!

SUCCESS!! Thank god! I practically inhaled my food! Pretty much a guilt free afternoon tea. While I was in the mood I also decided to make some chia seed pudding. Here’s proof:


 I left it overnight and brought it for a snack to uni today, but for some reason I just couldn’t make myself eat it.  Normally i love it! I think I’ll need to work on finding a better recipe to give it better flavour or something, because it wasn’t all that fantastic today. Or maybe that’s just because it had heated up in my bag and was turning to jelly-goo. Ewwwwwww.

So instead of my chia seed pudding I went to the shops with ma gurlll Laura and splurged on some yogurt and apricot slice stuff. That was fun. I’m feeling ever so slightly guilty because I know the apricot stuff is probably ridiculoussssly high in sugar. But I’ve consoled myself with the fact that we didn’t eat all of them and the alternative Laura was begging for was marvellous creations chocolate. I managed to convince her to got for the (slightly) healthier option.


My yoghurt and naughty apricot slice stuff. Possibly overate…

In other news:

– been drinking heaps of water and keeping my water bottle on hand at all times

-haven’t over eaten at dinner yet and have tried serving on the smaller plates

– did a 45 minute workout using the nike trainer app (which i really recommend) – and now everything hurts! (err which is good, right?)

The best thing i got out of the last two days however, was that I actually set foot in the kitchen! Mum was so proud! Hopefully the coming weeks will see more excitement in that area.

Also tonight I resisted some lemon tart that my sister brought home from work. I swear they just buy these things to test my will power and/or torment me.  My stomach was more or less crying out to me as my family ate their sweets without me. The pain!


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